What is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey?

USA Legal Statute Requirements for Whiskey to be called Bourbon
  1. Must be made from a mash containing a minimum of 51% and a maximum of 79% corn.
    1. Other grains commonly used include rye, barley and wheat.
    2. The varying amounts used of these other grains is part of the reason different brands vary in flavour.
  2. Must be distilled at less than 80% alc/vol
  3. Must be stored in charred, new, white oak barrels at no higher than 62.5 alc/vol for a minimum of 2 years.
  4. To be called Kentucky Bourbon the Whiskey must have been produced and aged in Kentucky.
  5. To be called a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey all of the Whiskey in the bottle must have the above characteristics i.e. not blended with other Whiskey’s.
  6. Other Whiskeys
    1. American Whiskey
      1. Not aged or bottled in Kentucky, or does not meet other Bourbon requirements.
    2. Kentucky Whiskey
      1. Not aged in new charred oak barrels as Bourbon requires, but is aged in Kentucky, or does not meet other Bourbon requirements.
    3. Rye Whiskey
      1. Mash containing at least 51% rye grain (Canadian Whiskey is rye based).
    4. Tennessee Whiskey
      1. Made in Tennessee not Kentucky.
      2. Does not use Kentucky limestone water
      3. Different filtration process
      4. Otherwise similar process
    5. Blends (any)
      1. Bourbon Whiskey blended with non Bourbon Whiskey or spirit, may contain other additives (colour etc.) also.
      2. For example Brands labeled “ Distillery Blend” or similar.