Evan Williams Vintage Bourbon.

  • Unblended single barrel Bourbon For the connoisseur.
  • Barrels picked by the master distiller.
  • Hand barrel numbered and dated on bottle.
  • Vintage 2006 available.

Review of Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon.

The pale copper colour has orange core highlights and perfect clarity; the opening nosing unearths a delicately sweet corn aroma plus dashes of oak and spice -- with air contact, the spirit emerges in the form of warm waves in the second pass -- in the third nosing, following nearly seven minutes of aeration, a gorgeous fruitiness appears, mostly baked pear or nectarine that mingles harmoniously with the spirit, oak, and spice -- the final nosing pass adds a savory dash of mint in the background, creating a luscious aromatic package that beams with finesse and elegance; on the palate, this gentlemanly whiskey greets the taste buds at entry with an embers like warmth, then the flavour goes into high gear at midpalate as tastes of ginger, sweet corn, mandarin, and oak resin enchant the palate; the after taste is long, cereal sweet, and a bit spicy. I actually can't think of a more graceful Bourbon than this sinewy, fluid thoroughbred, fabulous value; this is what whiskey making is all about in America.

Spirit Journal 99 Rating -- 5 stars.

Description Alc/vol Size Code Retail Price
Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2012 43.3% 750ml 7089 94.99